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7,689,442 New Yorkers have joined the NYS Donate Life Registry

Donate Life Month Resources for Community Partners

April is National Donate Life Month, and we’re thrilled to partner with you on this critically important annual observance. With nearly 8,000 New Yorkers awaiting organ transplants and around 400 losing their lives annually due to donor shortages, your participation is crucial. Despite New York’s high need for donors, only 48 percent of residents are registered – well below the national average of 64 percent.

2024 Donate Life Month Theme: Donors are SuperStars

This year, Donate Life New York State (NYS) invites you to be the shining star that saves and heals lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation. Our theme, “Donors are SuperStars!” reflects the light and hope we bring by registering as donors. Throughout April, we urge our friends and supporters to spread awareness in their communities about the importance of donation.

This April, gaze at the night sky and the billions of stars that make up the universe. Stars remind us that even in the darkest night there is light, symbolizing the hope we bring by registering as organ and tissue donors. As a friend and supporter of Donate Life NYS, you play a significant role in our effort to save lives by making the community aware of the opportunity to “reach for the stars” and register their decision to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor. On behalf of New York’s donation and transplant community, we thank you for the lifesaving work you do every day!

Reach for the Stars!

Donate Life Month Informational Toolkit for Community Partners

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Donate Life Month Resources for Community Partners

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Calendar of Events

April 3, 2024: Donate Life Living Donor Day

Donate Life Living Donor Day is a celebration during National Donate Life Month that honors living organ and tissue donors for saving and healing lives! In 2023, nearly 7,000 people made the decision to give one of their kidneys or a part of their liver to someone waiting for a second chance at life. Use hashtag #LivingDonorDay in your social media posts!

April 6 through April 12, 2024: Blue & Green Spirit Week

Each day of the week leading up to National Donate Life Blue & Green Day is dedicated to a special theme, and will include: recognizing donors, volunteers and healthcare heroes; giving hope to those waiting; and engaging the public in fun at-home activities.

April 6, 2024: Dress Up Your Pets

Get ready to unleash your furry friends’ style and show off their adorable blue and green flair for a good cause on Donate Life Dress Up Your Pets Day! Post pictures on our Facebook page or email to

April 7, 2024: Make Blue & Green Treats

Get creative in the kitchen and whip up delicious blue and green treats to celebrate April 7th’s ‘Make Blue & Green Treats’ day – a flavorful way to support a meaningful cause! Post pictures on our Facebook page or email to

April 8, 2024: Thank Your Healthcare Heroes

Visit our Facebook page and share a heartfelt message, expressing gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering dedication and tireless commitment of our healthcare heroes in keeping us safe and healthy.

April 9, 2024: Write a Message of Hope

Take a moment on this special day to visit our Facebook page and share a message of hope, spreading positivity and encouragement to uplift those in need of reassurance and support.

April 10, 2024: Donate Life Flag Raising Day

This simultaneous flag raising across the country provides an opportunity for all donation and transplantation partners to come together to honor deceased donors/donor families and living donors, and inspire others to register as a donor. Contact us at to request a Donate Life flag for your business.

April 11, 2024: Create Donate Life Rocks

Get your paintbrushes ready to create Donate Life Rocks adorned in blue and green, then share your masterpieces in the Donate Life Rock Painting Group on Facebook, spreading awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation through vibrant art.

April 12, 2024: Donate Life Blue and Green Day

On Donate Life Blue & Green Day the public is encouraged to wear blue and green and to engage in sharing the Donate Life message and promoting the importance of registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor.

April 12 through 18, 2024: Donate Life Blue and Green Day Photo Contest!

Visit our Blue & Green Day Photo Contest page for more information!

April 21 through April 27, 2024: National Pediatric Transplant Week

National Pediatric Transplant Week takes place the last full week of National Donate Life Month in April. It focuses on the powerful message of ending the pediatric transplant waiting list. Throughout Pediatric Transplant Week, clinical partners share patient stories (candidates and recipients); donor families whose children have saved and healed lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation are honored; and recipient families share their thanks and milestone celebrations.