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7,219,980 New Yorkers have joined the NYS Donate Life Registry

New York State SFY 2022-23 Budget Request

Donate Life NYS relies on the Legislature’s investment to support our vital
mission to increase organ, eye, and tissue donation.

We ask the Legislature to remain committed to improving New York State’s donation rates by providing $1,000,000 in funding for Donate Life New York State in
your one-house budget proposal and ensuring its inclusion in the enacted
SFY 2022-23 budget.

Thank you for your consideration of this funding request. Your leadership and support for these funds gives hope to the 8,329 patients and families across New York waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant and the thousands of others in need of healing tissue and cornea transplants. 

Assembly template – Priority letter to Speaker


Senate template – Priority letter to Speaker


Donate Life NYS’ SFY 22-23 Funding Request for Initiatives to Increase Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation in NYS


Donate Life NYS Budget Request Presentation


Map of Donor Designation Share by county


Tyler Mejorado’s Story of Hope


Shared Success

Thanks to the Legislature’s support over the past decade, we’ve made significant progress:

  • The NYS Donate Life Registry grew by nearly four million enrollments
  • The percentage of the state’s population enrolled in the Registry grew from 20% to 45%
  • The number of deceased organ donors grew from 346 in 2012 to 556 in 2021
  • The number of lives saved by deceased donor transplants grew from 1,331 in 2012 to 2,568 in 2021

We Have More Work to Do

Just 45% of New Yorkers are enrolled as
organ, eye, and tissue donors. To reach the national average, NYS needs to add 2,977,624 enrollments to the Registry.

Area of Opportunity

68% of those living in the six counties with Registry enrollment rates below the statewide Donor Designation Share – Bronx, Kings, Nassau, Queens, Richmond, and Rockland – have not yet joined the NYS Donate Life Registry

Diminishing Funding for Outreach Initiatives

Donate Life NYS assumed NYS Donate Life
Registry operations in 2017, and since then
it has been necessary to dedicate a growing
percentage of Legislature-allocated funds to
the Registry’s operating expenses.

Consequently, state funding available to
invest into critical outreach initiatives
that “move the needle” has declined 57% over the past five fiscal cycles.

This decline jeopardizes not only our ongoing outreach activities detailed below, but is particularly concerning as we focus on increasing enrollment within hard-to-reach populations residing in areas of the state with the lowest rates of enrollment.

State Funding Utilization

NYS Donate Life Registry Operations

Donate Life NYS operates the New York State Donate Life Registry which plays an essential public health role, documenting authorization to make an anatomical gift for nearly 7 million New Yorkers.

Social and Behavioral Research

Donate Life NYS engages in social and behavioral research in order to better understand New Yorkers’ perception of organ and tissue donation, and determine the methods and means most effective at increasing donor registration rates, which is crucial to inform effective means by which donor registrations can be increased within hard-to-reach communities.

Registry Enrollment Campaigns

Donate Life NYS increases enrollment in the NYS Donate Life Registry using a combination of geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting to increase enrollment in the Registry. A significant and sustained investment is necessary as we develop and implement a multi-faceted enrollment campaign increasing enrollment in areas of the state with Donor Designation Shares below the statewide average.

Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation Educational Curricula

Donate Life NYS develops and disseminates curricula to increase public and professional knowledge on the topic of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Strategic Partnerships

Donate Life NYS supports ongoing strategic partnerships with organizations and entities
committed to conducting outreach campaigns to increase donor registration statewide. Donate Life NYS will engage in partnerships expanding our reach within areas of the state with low donation rates.

Donation and Transplant Community Forums

Donate Life NYS engages the greater donation and transplant community in collaborative and educational forums. Leveraging the collective expertise and collaboration of this community is an essential element to address the organ scarcity crisis in the state, and will be critical as we work to increase donation in low performing counties.